A Brief History of the Citizen Watches Company

In 1924, the company created an electronic pocket watch, which was later referred to as "model" Citizen watches.

Watches with Eco-drive, which was first launched at the time of its introduction in 1995. They are entirely powered by light. They convert the light emitted by the Sun or artificial sources of light that are an element of visible light. 

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They transform this energy into electrical power. They are equipped with a specific solar cell that is positioned under the face of the clock. To the naked eye, the solar panel, or in more common cases several cells are not visible.

The motive behind the launch of the latest technology was quite simple. The requirement for power to power the latest technological advancements becoming the norm on watches required additional power to operate. Things like chronographs, stopwatches, and alarms all require more power.

One method that is known for using battery power is Radio control features. The user can sync the watch to radio broadcasts that are also receiving the correct time from an electronic clock. 

Quartz watches depend on batteries to handle their power needs, not an oiled spring, therefore the power must be replenished, without replacing the battery, a brand new technique was needed. 

Due to the power requirements of quartz crystals and radios, it's advantageous that the power is available in an easily accessible form.

According to the manufacturer's information, the solar cell, as well as the secondary battery, can last over 10 years, which is far more than the battery lifespan of the majority of quartz watches.