About Whisky Investment Tips

The value of investment in Whisky has risen dramatically over the last 10 years. According to the widely-panned Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index The benchmark index of rare whiskies has seen its asset value increase by 564% over the past 10 years. 

This is a return per year of approximately 18.9 percent over the course of 10 years. You can get more knowledge about  Whisky Investment Tips via www.vintageacquisitions.com/whisky-cask-investment-guide/.

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Make investments in the things you can pay for

You can begin with any amount you'd like. It's possible to start with just some bottles. If you're beginning with one of our casks that we recommend, the general recommendation is probably at least PS10,000. This is the minimal amount of money to purchase a single whisky bottle that is a good start.

Consider the casks

If you purchase an unopened cask, the value and price typically rise. However, when you have a quality cask, a brand that is good and value for money the average of growth is around 12-15 percent per year. 

Save your money

Many customers who buy bottles store the ones they love for drinking at home, and keep their investments elsewhere. Similar to casks, which assist them in keeping in other countries. This is just maintaining that distinction and knowing right from the beginning that this is something I'm going to drink, this is something to invest in.