Advanced Dog Training In Chapel Hill

In order to successfully train your dog, you must consider and understand some of the key aspects of dog behavior. Knowing and understanding these aspects will greatly improve your dog's training.

The origin of the dog. Dogs are basically descended from modern wolves. Although domestication has reduced or eliminated many traits, some important natural instincts remain. Like wolves, dogs are pack animals. What does it mean?

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Training should also become a routine. Decide when is the best time to train your dog and keep that time as close as possible. If your dog is ready and looking forward to being trained, then it goes without saying that he will definitely train better.

2. Dog memory. We all know that dogs have a short memory. If you can tell your dog something, he'll probably forget it the next day or a few hours later. On the other hand, dogs (or paws) have a very good memory. This basically means that if your dog can relate something to what you said to him, he's more likely to remember what you said to him for years.

3. Dog's language. we cannot speak dog language and dogs cannot speak our language. This is important when it comes to training. You must choose words for the command that you and your dog will remember. Be careful not to choose very general words, as your dog will easily get confused if they keep appearing in the middle of a sentence.