All About Elder Care

It is so heartbreaking when you visit Mom or Dad only to find that they are unkempt, the house is a disaster, bills are unpaid, and they have nothing to eat in the house. You realize at that moment that they cannot live alone any longer; they need help!

In this situation, so many decisions need to be made quickly. You may find yourself overwhelmed by all of these decisions. One of the first things to do is remember one important idea when dealing with your elderly parent: they want to maintain control.

You can also opt for affordable in-home respite care for the elderly at Azure Care.

What is Domiciliary Care? Updated for 2021 -

So what is your job? You need to do the research and take the time to find out what options are best for your loved one, their financial needs, and your peace of mind. Some options that should be considered when looking into caring for your elderly loved one are these:

  • Hiring an in-home assistant or companion: This allows your loved one to stay in their home, where they are most comfortable, but, gives you peace of mind knowing that they are taken care of. However, care may not be available overnight, may be restricted in how much medical care they can provide, and can be pricey as care is typically charged by the hour.
  • Living in your home: When your loved one moves into your home, you can take comfort in knowing that they are cared for and safe, but, it may be time-consuming and emotionally draining to be the caregiver. While this option is the most economical, it may not be the best option for you, your family, and your elderly loved one.