All About Shower Glass Coatings

Glass shower doors can be very difficult to clean. The shower door glass gets dirty easily between soap scum, hard water stains, and mineral deposits. Even if you follow our instructions on how to properly clean shower glass, you will find that you want a better solution. You can also buy the best vitroglaze glass protective coating through various online sources.

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The good news is they exist! The glass shower stall can be covered with a special material to reduce the frequency of glass cleaning.

How Do Shower Door Coatings Work?

Glass is naturally porous. This can cause shampoo, soap, dirt, and minerals from water to build up in these pores over time. Shower glass coating usually works by filling and closing these pores so that dirt cannot fill them. This coating makes the glass "hydrophobic" meaning it repels water. Instead of sticking to the glass and depositing debris, water is likely to break and slide off the glass.

What are the benefits of shower door coatings?

Coated shower glass usually stays clean longer than uncoated shower door glass. In terms of cleaning, laminated shower doors are usually also easier to clean. Most manufacturers recommend only wiping the glass with a damp cloth and drying the glass with a clean cloth. This eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals and painstaking scrubbing.

How to install a glass shower coating

Shower doors coating is available in two forms. It is best if the coating was applied by the manufacturer when the glass was ordered. This helps the coating work effectively and last longer. Another option is to implement after-sales coverage. There are many companies that can also offer effective and long-lasting coatings.