Avoiding These Common Mistakes With Table Salt

Sea salt is sea salt that is created by the slow evaporation of water from seawater during the process of fossilization. It has been used as a seasoning in many dishes, cooking, baking, and even for preserving food. It's also known as rock salt, solar rock salt, or marine rock salt. Like other mined salt deposits it was formed by the gradual evaporation and concentration of seawater for millions of years.

Over years the concentration and evaporation process has stripped away much of the minerals found in sea salt making it less healthy than it originally was. The removal of minerals makes kosher salt much less healthy than it was before modern society started stripping minerals from everything. Today sea salt lacks the mineral content that once made it so special. Today table salt lacks even most of the trace minerals that were naturally found in sea salt which is why it is so unhealthy.

Because of all of these flaws table salt can be purchased at just about any grocery store as a quick fix. The problem with this is that this type of salt doesn't actually offer any nutritional benefit. There are many people who think that sea salt or table salt is healthy food but without knowing much about nutrition they are just misleading. They may think they are eating nutritious food when in reality it's just full of preservatives.

This misconception is one of the reasons why it's difficult to get natural salts. The key to buying processed or refined table salt is to read the ingredients. If you see sodium chloride is listed then it is likely that the salt is processed and refined. You want to avoid anything that has sodium chloride or is processed with sodium chloride.

The next mistake that people make when buying sea salt is to believe that natural sea salt comes in bottles that look like candy. The truth is, sea salt comes in jars that are labeled "aged" and look a lot like the traditional table salt you've been using for decades. What you have to remember is that sea salt is a product made from groundfish and other sea creatures and they are not going to lose their minerals through the passage of time. Natural sea salt comes in crystal clear glass jars that look and taste fresh and are far healthier for you than the processed and refined sea salt that you find in grocery stores.

Most table salt that we consume each day is probably loaded with additives and contaminants that have been processed and refined. These additives and pollutants are extremely harmful to your health and contribute to a number of illnesses and conditions including cancer. Processed foods contain preservatives and chemicals that contribute to aging and a number of chronic diseases. The chemicals used in the process of making processed foods are particularly dangerous because they can form carcinogenic chemicals in your body. Sea salt naturally contains trace minerals that are healthy for your body and the rest of the world's supply of these minerals is depleted every day as more junk food is made with it. Natural sea salt is the only natural source of minerals that are healthy for you and actually beneficial to your health.

Another big mistake people make when buying table salt is thinking that natural table salt contains anti-caking agents that inhibit the absorption of fat or cholesterol in your digestive system. Many table salts actually contain a substance called sodium chloride, which is commonly known as table salt. Sodium chloride is actually made by mixing in an excess of lye into the water and baking it in an oven. The fact of the matter is that sodium chloride is a very healthy substance that actually contributes to the good health of your body by keeping you hydrated and keep your heart healthy. There are no anti-caking agents added to sodium chloride as such so don't be fooled!

Instead, find a sea salt that contains the following ingredients: potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, phosphorous, chloride, sodium, and iron. You want to find sea salt that contains the main nutrients that you need to stay healthy, like potassium, calcium, and iron. When you look at sea salt you will see that each crystal has different colors ranging from dark grey to light grey depending upon what minerals are contained. The most important fact is that sea salt works with all kinds of flavors, not just salty ones, so enjoy it for what it is!