Basic Principles Of The Hatha Yoga Program

The main principles of the Hatha Yoga program consist of several aspects:

1. An asana that focuses on postures that match Tai Chi and Qigong poses.

2. Prayanami, which focuses on controlling subtle energies, hatha yoga teacher training via is a very important aspect of Hatha Yoga Chakra which is the center of energy.

3. Kundalini, which includes muscle strength.

4. Kryas, who promotes mastery of Kundalini techniques.

5. Shakti, holy power.

6. Nadi, this is the channel.

7. Mudras are symbolic movements similar to those in Tai Chi.

Shatkarma, purification, begins with the liberation of the mind through the liberation of the body through a holistic lifestyle, daily yoga practice and metaphysical readjustment.In this way, Hatha Yoga slows down the aging process by permeating the mind and body with constant renewal of strength and balance. 

Most people who practice hatha yoga feel the need to pay attention to their diet and lifestyle preferences as well. This is a natural consequence of unhealthy lifestyle changes. This causes conflicts in the body when conscious messages block subconscious messages which are meant as metaphysical protection against intentional and intentional negative actions. 

Calming the mind sufficiently in meditation also requires the body to accept the posture for best results. This is the basis of hatha yoga. Those who have chosen to practice hatha yoga in their senior years can find several asanas such as: Candles, lotus position, for physical challenges. Modified asanas are taught for this age group.