Capabilities of Printers You Must be Aware of

Wynnum Printers

Printer is a well-known electronic gadget allowing us to print various PDF files, documents, images and more. Aside from just printing, you may be aware of certain additional capabilities about your printer. Here are a few that will surprise you.

  1. Capable of Downloading Apps – Printers are capable of downloading few apps when you command them to do. This is a feature seen mainly in newer models of printer however, the range of apps are limited. But this capability offers us to print apps related to calendars, daily crossroads and a few.
  2. Capable of Saving on the Ink – Ink cartridge is one of the items that is on the expensive side at the time of buying. However, printers are capable of saving on the ink provided you don’t require detailed printing. Head over to the settings menu of your printer and click on the draft mode. The draft mode is one of the best ways of saving more on the ink.
  3. Capable of Making Magnets – Printing of promotional magnets are usually on the expensive side but your printer will definitely help you to save more. To save on printing promotional magnets, you only need to spend on magnet paper, change the settings and simply print magnet paper.
  4. Capable of Backing Files – New printers are capable of storing files and documents whenever required. This is possible since new printers have a SD card slot where important documents can get saved in the card without requiring constant printing. 

These capabilities are seen in Printers in Wynnum region.