Comfortable Transfer of Patients with Amputee Lifts

A piece of fabric known as a sash is usually made of cotton, nylon, or the materials used to make modern hammocks. These materials can support the patient’s weight when balanced in the air. This cloth is attached to a series of clips or hooks.

There are several variations of this lifter on the market to help patients. There are some elevators that have a cushion in the sling to increase patient comfort. These pads help hold the patient in place when they are in the air. There are special slings – amputation slings, toilet slings, disposable slings, bath towels, etc. for various purposes. You can browse to to buy amputee sling.

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Some features to consider before ordering a sling:

The patient’s height and weight should be determined. The state of health should then be assessed to select the perfect sling for the patient. This contributes to patient comfort during transfer and also avoids injury. To avoid the risk of infection to other patients, the sling is discarded after transfer.

This sling can also be tightened and loosened according to the patient’s needs so that it can also be used to take the patient to the toilet and other desired places

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