Emergency Medicine as a Career

Medical students and interns will find the specialty of Emergency Medicine (EM), a rewarding career option. What makes EM such a rewarding career choice? It is both challenging and rewarding personally.

It is easy to see the positive effects and benefits of diagnosing and treating patients with emergent medical conditions. It is a great feeling to know that you have made a significant positive impact on the lives of patients and their well-being.

EM covers a wide range of patients, medical and surgical issues. EM treats patients of all ages and genders. The number of cases EM sees is likely greater than any other specialty. This is what makes EM so stimulating and interesting. If you are a doctor and want to get an expert in the medical field then you can enroll yourself in an emergency medicine course online via https://medcpd.com/courses/general-practitioner-course/.

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The practice of EM includes both diagnostic medicine and the ability to perform therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. The EM practitioner must diagnose all patients, even those with undifferentiated symptoms. EM works with all medical specialties and accounts for most hospital admissions.

EM includes the supervision and interaction with prehospital care. EM is responsible for the care of patients who are brought by ambulance to the hospital ED.

EM is responsible for training prehospital personnel. In some countries, EM practitioners might be directly involved in staffing ground ambulances.

EM is also the primary specialty in managing mass casualty and disaster situations. These require close interaction with prehospital care.