Get Natural Treatment For Panic Disorder

Natural treatment of panic disorder and chronic anxiety is to focus on the triggers that cause panic. These could include train travel, driving, shopping, or even walking down the street. 

A therapist help social anxiety can choose from two methods to eliminate panic once the triggers have been identified. The first is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. The other is Exposure Therapy, a subgroup of CBT.

Exposure therapy is based on the principle of habituation. You might not hear traffic outside if you live in an apartment on a busy street. If a friend comes to stay for a while, they might have difficulty sleeping due to the noise. They might have not become habituated to the noise.

The triggers that cause panic attacks can also be managed in the same manner. Through a series of meetings, the therapist would gradually dispel fears associated with a trigger. This involves gradually, repeatedly, and eventually extended exposure to the trigger. 

Each session should only bring about a small amount of anxiety. However, it shouldn’t be so severe that it causes panic attacks. Each session that teaches you how to manage the trigger will increase your self-confidence and decrease your fear. 

Regular contact with the trigger is essential. A therapist will plan to see clients often but will assign tasks between sessions to ensure that the client continues to be exposed.

Therapy should end with the ability to continue exposure to the trigger for a prolonged period of time without panic attacks.