Getting To Know Hatha Yoga

Yoga started in ancient India but this discipline has taken over the world because of the benefits it offers to people who practice yoga. A study shows that there are more than sixteen million yoga practitioners in the United States alone.

There are different types of hatha yoga classes for beginners,Maine in Sewall House Yoga Retreat and each type has its own method and purpose. One type of yoga is hatha yoga, which literally means sun and moon and comes from two Sanskrit words ha, meaning sun, and tha, meaning moon.

The literal meaning of hatha yoga refers to the use of opposing forces or energies, such as the sun and moon or the more familiar concepts of yin and yang. This yoga discipline aims to achieve a balance between one's physical and mental strength in order to reach a higher plane of existence. Asana prepares the body and mind for a higher level.

Hatha yoga uses yama or moral control, asanas or postures, pranayama, niyama, special exercises known as mudras which aim to improve breathing techniques and nadanusandhana. The six limbs work together to help the practitioner reach a higher level of kundalini, or concentration and meditation.

Most yoga practitioners try to follow moral disciplines or pits to live a virtuous life. According to the yogic discipline, one can lead a virtuous life by following the ten moral imperatives, especially ahimsa, or deviating from harming all sentient beings.