Hammertoes: What Are They And How Do You Treat Them In Reisterstown?

Hammertoe can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most common cause is bunions. If you have hammertoes or mallet toes, see your doctor. They may need to cut away the extra toe tissue and replace it with material from your foot. You will likely be given a shoe insert to wear for at least six weeks, with physical therapy to help heal the area.

Hammertoes are a condition characterized by the toes pointing outward and being bent at a 90-degree angle, usually due to arthritis. They can be quite painful and require treatment such as wearing comfortable shoes and applying ice or ibuprofen. Some people elect to have surgery to straighten their toes. There are many centers available where you can get treatment of hammertoes in Reisterstown.

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Hammertoe is a condition that affects the big toe on one or both feet. It is a result of a variant of Morton's neuroma, which is a benign tumor that can form on nerve tissue. Hammertoe often affects the ball of the foot and can cause pain, swelling, and difficulty walking. Treatment typically includes surgery to remove the tumor and/or bone spurs.

There are several surgical options for hammertoe, including arthrodesis (the fixation of a joint by using metal or other polymer implants), fusion (the surgical joining of two bones), and autologous fat injection (injection of fat from one's own body into an injured joint). The most effective treatment depends on the severity of the hammertoe and the person's age, overall health, and medical history.