HIPAA and How it Will Affect

This information will help you understand HIPAA better and assist your office to become HIPAA compliant. This information is not legal advice and was obtained from many sources.

You should seek legal advice if you have difficulty understanding any part of the HIPAA regulations. You can also get the best HIPAA compliance training via hipaa security coaching

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HIPAA police are not available. Nobody will come to your office to check if you're HIPAA compliant. To take any action, a complaint must be filed.

What is HIPAA?


HIPAA stands for The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The federal government enacted it in 1996 as part a healthcare reform initiative.

HIPAA was created to protect all patient-related health care information. HIPAA also aims to reduce administrative burdens and costs associated with health care.


Remember that HIPAA Act frequently uses the word "reasonable" multiple times. Your office staff and you must do everything possible to protect the privacy of your patient.

Smaller medical offices, for example, do not need to follow the same privacy procedures as larger hospitals. This would be absurd.


There is no privacy policy. Nobody is going to randomly inspect your office. First, someone must file a complaint. The Office of Civil Rights will handle the complaints.

The Office of Civil Rights will investigate any complaint. You will need to ensure that your office follows all regulations and has privacy policies.


Keep in mind that your practice type may impact the amount of privacy you are able to obtain. Patients in optometrists' offices may not be so concerned about other people knowing that they are there as patients in mental health offices. HIPAA has many components, each with its own implementation date.


  • To protect the privacy of your patient, you must do everything possible.
  •  All patient files and information should be stored in a safe section of your office. This section must not be accessible to other patients.