How can C.R.A. Help Eliminate Chronic Conditions, Like Allergies?

Contact Reflex Analysis (C.R.A.) is a non-invasive method of quickly analyzing all organs, glands, and structures of the body. It involves manually testing a selection of reflexes.

However, it is not a way to diagnose or treat disease. C.R.A. is a safe and effective tool that allows you to analyze the entire body's biofield. This includes energy levels, reflexes as well as meridians, quadrants, and detox pathways. It quickly determines the individual nutritional needs of each organ, gland, and system. It addresses the root cause of most chronic health problems.

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Many allergies and other disabling conditions are not treatable with standard treatments. This is because the root cause of many cases is rarely addressed. Many allergies can actually be caused by functional deregulation or hypo functioning of one or several of the following: the organ/gland receptor points, the liver, adrenal glands, and the large intestine, gall bladder, or stomach.

These reflex points and meridians have become "off-line" and become abnormally fragmented, thus "locking out" some nerve, blood, and lymphatic flow to vital organs. The first step to permanently removing those persistent allergic conditions is to test the organ/gland reaction points and assess their needs.

The C.R.A. will then take the next step. The C.R.A. will then search for hidden interference fields that may have been caused by previous surgery or trauma. This can often be seen in old scar tissue, injections, implants, damaged joints, and other tissues. These "interference fields", can often be neutralized with Biokinetics, which are usually harmless.