How Does A Multipro Tailgate Latch Work?

The multipro tailgate latch consists of eight parts. It has a hook handle, a rotating latch mechanism, two bars, two-panel latches, one on each side, and latches recesses on both sides of the tailgate. 

All connected components are accessible via the tailgate interior panel. You can also get the best tailgate fix advantages through various online sources.

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Remove the screws and large plate. The handle nuts are clearly visible behind the latch assembly. When the handle is raised, the rotary lock will be pressed, pulling the rod toward the outer lock of the plate.

How it works

When the bar is pulled out, the outer latch pulls and releases the tailgate. The rotating unit has a vertical bar and a rod is fixed at both ends. 

As the bar rotates, it is simple to see how it extracts the rods. To change the handle, discard the nut and handle. 

If you are replacing the rotating latch assembly, first remove the rod by pulling the plastic hook from the rod and removing the rod from the latch. The rod must be accurate – otherwise, it will affect the operation of the system. 

To remove and replace the external latches, remove the two screws that secure them to each side of the tailgate. Remove the rod from the twist lock and pull out the hook and rod.