How Does CBD Oil Work For Cats?

Cats have an endocannabinoid system, too. So it’s hardly a stretch to think that CBD can help them with things like anxiety, stress, inflammation, and pain in the same way we’re finding out it helps the rest of us. You can even shop for hemp oil for cats via

And we do see and hear lots of anecdotal evidence to back up the idea—from stories about unpettable cats turning in snuggle bugs to reports of arthritic felines getting their mojo back.

Still, we can’t say for 100% sure because there just aren’t any long-term studies (yet!) to confirm our suspicions. 

We do know that CBD appears to be as safe for cats as it is for dogs. One project found large doses could cause side effects but said THC contamination was probably to blame. That same study also found that CBD was absorbed and eliminated differently in cats than it was in pups, which may mean modifying our doses for cats.


CBD's main claim to fame is its ability to decrease inflammation and thus decrease chronic pain in mammals. Researchers at Cornell University found that CBD oil is great at treating pain because it targets a receptor called the 'villanoid receptor' and prevents it from turning on. 

CBD is also an excellent neuroprotector which makes it great at treating neurological disorders like seizures and epilepsy. 

Other ways in which CBD can benefit cats is by helping with their:

  1. Anxiety 

  2. Pain

  3. Inflammation

  4. Seizures/ Epilepsy

  5. Arthritis

  6. Inflammatory bowel disease

  7. Urinary Tract

  8. Overall Wellness