How To Choose Roof Slates

Roofing slates are one of the most durable roofing materials available. A well-installed roof can last over a century depending on the quality of materials used. In many cases, the roof will outlast the building it covers. When the roof does eventually need replacing it will more than likely be due to the corrosion of the nails. The roof covering will often be reused.


It is due to this durability that roof slate can be considered truly "green" or environmentally friendly. Other roof coverings may have to be replaced many times in the life of a similar slate roof increasing carbon emissions. The material is formed when rock is forced into thin sheets by intense pressure. 

Buying new roof slates

A premium slate roof carries a hefty price tag. Welsh slates are generally considered to be the best on the market. In terms of appearance and durability, they are second to none. Depending on the size of the structure, you will need between one and two thousand to complete a home. If you need help with installations and maintenance, you can contact us.

Used slates

Reclaimed roofing materials offer an environmentally friendly alternative to your roof covering. If chosen correctly, used slates will provide an attractive and durable roof. You should expect to pay about two pounds each for good reclaimed Welsh slates. A simple test can be carried out by standing the slate upright in a large bucket.

The bucket is then filled with water halfway up the length of the slate and left for 12 hours. Due to absorption, the water line on the slate will rise higher than the water level in the bucket. The higher the water line the greater the absorption. It should rise no more than a quarter of an inch. Any slates that fail the absorption test should not be used for roofing as they will not provide a weather-tight seal.