How To Create Stained Wooden Crates

Due to its timeless appeal, wood is the product of choice for a variety of display cases. The new owners of stores are typically in a financial crunch, so they are looking for inexpensive ways to make a stunning wooden display. Making your own wooden boxes stained will get similar results to professional-designed ones, but without the cost.

Home improvement and grocery stores are excellent places to obtain free wooden boxes since some sellers ship items in these crates. To stain and clean them, you can purchase wooden cleaners, a wood stain paintbrush, and a nylon scrub brush. Apply the wood cleaner on each crate according to the instructions of the product. Get rid of any remaining residue or dirt using a bristle made of nylon.

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If the wood is becoming dark after cleaning, apply a brightener for wood that has the active ingredient, oxalic acid. The substance neutralizes tannins that are dark and staining in certain kinds of wood such as cedar or redwood. There is a risk to mistake staining from mildew with tanning therefore, avoid this mistake. 

If streaks are visible you can apply the brightener for wood to determine if they are tannins. Following the cleaning process and brightening of the wood allow the crates to dry for at minimum 24 hours.

When the wood is dry and the staining process is complete, it's time to begin. Pick a suitable work surface and then place a newspaper or drop cloth over the area to keep it from staining. Wear clothes that are suitable to throw away should the staining occur on the surface.