How To Get Australian Partner Visa?

Australian immigration experts provide all the information you need to know about applying for an Australian partner visa. Partner visas are granted to individuals who live in a good or committed relationship with Australian citizens or permanent residents to join their partners. If you're interested in getting an Australian partner visa, visit

There are a variety of subclasses for that the Australian Partner visa category. The type of visa is based on whether it's permanently or temporarily, and the place in which it was issued.

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Applications that fall under those in the "combined" class are reviewed through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Your application will be analyzed against both the permanent and temporary partner visa requirements. Based on the criteria you satisfy, you will be issued the right visa.

Permanent partner visas are granted to those who can prove that they were married or have been in a relationship de facto for a minimum of three years. A temporary partner visa can be granted to those who do not have more than three years' proof. They are eligible for permanent partner visas 2 years after submitting their first visa application.

The Permanent Partner Visa is granted once and lasts for 5 years. If you meet certain residency requirements, applying for citizenship could be made. There are many subclasses of the visa for partners, based on whether you are applying from abroad or have already resided in Australia. Only those already resident in Australia can apply for subclasses for partners 820 (Temporary) as well as 801 (Permanent). You must check for the Partner Visa Subclasses 309 (Provisional) as well as 100 (Permanent) ,if you intend to apply from outside Australia.