How To Maintain Your Portable Air Conditioner?

Regular maintenance of your portable air conditioner is essential to ensure its efficiency and prevent malfunctions.

No matter if you have bought the best portable air conditioner after reading consumer reports, you will have to ensure its maintenance in order to prolong usage. A portable air conditioner must be cleaned every spring before it is put into service. It must be descaled with a specific product, which you can easily find in stores. You must also maintain it regularly during the summer, every 2 or 3 weeks. A poorly maintained air conditioner loses efficiency and therefore consumes more energy.

Do not use solvents or abrasive products to maintain your portable air conditioning, you risk damaging its components. Use a vacuum cleaner for dusting and soapy water for cleaning. You can also use a special air conditioning disinfectant to avoid bad odors.

Do not hesitate to replace the filter of your mobile air conditioning as soon as you find that it is slowed down or that a bad odor emerges.

How to clean a portable air conditioner – The whole process

Switching off your portable air conditioner is the first step of cleaning process. You must clean the filter, the interior and exterior parts of the portable air conditioner:

Filter: the filter retains pollen, dust, etc. It is very important to dust and scrub it. After removing it from the appliance, vacuum it and then clean them with soapy water. Let it dry before putting it back in place.

Interior of the portable air conditioner: use a damp cloth to dust the interior of the device, including the pipes and water outlets.

Exterior of the portable air conditioner: clean it, get rid of anything that could obstruct it (dust, dead leaves, etc.), and empty the condensate tray.