How to Make the Switch to Eco-friendly Toilet Paper

Since the majority of people don't know how the typical toilet paper is produced, is that the reason why we've got to the point that it's mass-produced and killing trees. If you consider that trees make the air that we breathe, the fact that we're killing hundreds of thousands of trees every day should be enough to seek out an alternative. 

Eco-friendly toilet paper typically is made of recycled materials 100. It's whitened, but without the properties that don't involve chlorine or bleach making it gentle to apply to the skin and doesn't cause allergies to become aggravated. You can get more information about eco-friendly toilet paper via

The eco-friendly toilet paper can have the appearance of something that feels like sandpaper on your skin. However, you needn't be concerned. There are a variety of toilet paper brands that are eco-friendly and have a soft texture and are 2-ply. They do not contain any chemicals that can irritate your skin.

Helping the local community during situations of need is an important component of manufacturers that create eco-friendly products. That is the reason why people are drawn to TTP in the first instance. A lot of eco-friendly toilet paper companies offer rewards for customers to purchase their products. One brand will offer single-use biodegradable toilets for those who are in need. The toilets neutralize bacteria and so that they can be used as fertilizer.