How to overwhelm the anxiety of flying

Before we can even start overcoming fear, we must try to understand fear. This is not just a simple fear, this is a phobia. And it is a complex phobia. When someone has a simple phobia, they only need to worry about just one problem, but complex phobias will give you a number of different concerns in just one phobia. So you have to deal with many problems. It's not easy! And that's why people have difficulty finding out how to deal with fear. You can reduce the flying fear by considering the fear of flying courses.

Fear of fly actually is the fear being learned, it's not something we are tired of. And there are a number of causes. Let's see some of it.

– a bad past experience while flying

Maybe they have a bad experience on previous flights. Or maybe they feel unwell and associate it with flying.

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– Stress contamination

Maybe they have high-stress levels before flights from other sources and planes enlarge anxiety. They may have panic attacks and now they associate flying with panic attacks and anxiety.

– Air Disaster in News

It is possible that other air disasters have just been displayed in news coverage. And when there is a plane crash, the coverage is large. If the news includes every car accident in a detail like that, no one will enter the car again.

We can continue to look for the cause, but the truth of this problem is that it does not matter at all what causes fear. What's important is how to deal with fear. And that's where we have to focus our attention. So what we can do to stop ourselves from entering panic mode every time we even see the plane.