Is Social Media Marketing the Best Method to Advertise Your Business Online?

It's hard to believe there are still people who need to be convinced that marketing via social media actually works. Despite the evidence showing that this type of marketing is effective to boost sales, increase leads, enhance communications, and also get your company brand name noticed.

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Two commonly used Media Platforms:

Are you able to guess which of the two most frequently used websites for social networking are? These two platforms are Twitter as well as Facebook. Facebook actually offers a feature to set up a fan page for your company or product. Twitter On its own, allows users to create up to 140 characters of posts that others will follow.

Other Platforms:

Though Facebook along with Twitter is excellent platforms, they're far from the sole ones that are being utilized. Many people are making use of YouTube as their primary platform. 

On YouTube, you can upload videos, songs as well as podcasts. YouTube boasts millions of users across the globe, so whenever you post something, it's sure to be looked at by a large number of people. It is possible to use social bookmarking websites such as Digg as well as Delicious and StumbleUpon, which permit users to post links to their friends and followers.