Make Delicious Meat With The Help of Offset Barbecue Smokers in Australia

The Offset Barbecue Smoker creates delicious smoking meat. It is a great choice for someone who is looking to create pork, chickens, as well as beef Brisket. Following are the reasons are why this kind of barbecue smoker is great for making delicious meat.

First, what exactly is an offset smoker? An offset smoker comprises an open firebox, a smoking chamber, and rack system for the meat, and a chimney/ventilation mechanism to expel the smoke. You can visit to buy offset smokers in Australia.

Offset Smokers

A fire made of charcoal or hardwood is constructed in the firebox. The smoke and some heat are absorbed by the smoke chamber, where the meat is placed on the racks and is covered in smoke, and the smoke escapes via the chimney/ventilation system. The main reasons why an offset smoker can make great meat are as follows:

1. Fire is kept inside the firebox. There isn't any direct heat being absorbed by the meat. The heat that the fire produces will be indirect because the fire is located offset and far from meat in a separate room. 

The best barbecue requires low heat, about 350 to 235 degrees F for a lengthy duration. Because the flame is not far from meats, it's easier to keep a low temperature for this long time.

2. The meat is placed inside the smoking chamber, on racks, far from the flame. Smoke is allowed to move through the smoke chamber, in the vicinity of the meat, adding the smokey flavor of the meat.

These are just a few reasons why the offset smoker can be an ideal choice to make delicious barbecue pork.