Migrating From Exchange Server 2007 To Office 365

Office 365 is absolutely capable of scaling to thousands of users in a single organization, and therefore should be carefully considered.

It is best to switch to Office 365 sooner rather than later. Transferring your email to the cloud right now can free up precious resources from your outdated file server and has the important advantage of prolonging the service life of the server hardware by an additional year. If you want to get back up for office 365, then you can navigate to this site https://www.internalit.com.au/office-365.

Do You run Exchange Server 2007 Standard?

Most organizations are running Exchange Server 2008 Standard Edition and Exchange Server 2008 Standard Edition, moving your email server onto Office 365 is definitely a smart business move. 

Most likely, the server is operating on hardware for a physical server which can be retired completely, or possibly re-purposed for backup purposes or as a test server. 

The migration between Exchange Server 2007 to Office 365 is a smart move from both a business as well as a technical perspective.

Is Your running Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise?

The decisions on whether to move to an on-premise service that is based upon Exchange Server 2013 are likely to be based on security concerns as well as commercial considerations over the possibility of being able to pull out of Office 365 at a later time should the business situation alter.

It is crucial that the migration is completed quickly and cost-effectively way. In this regard, you must carefully decide if it is worth having internal staff master and execute a single multi-step project.