Myths That Could Ruin Your Skin Care Routine

Break the cycle of ineffective skin care habits by understanding the three most common myths that people have about their skincare routine.

What is your skin type?

If you're not sure what your skin type is, you can use a skin type test to find out. This test will help you figure out the best products and treatments for your skin type.

There are three main types of skin: dry, oily, or combination. Each type needs different products and treatments to maintain good skin health. 

To figure out your skin type, and what treatment is actually needed according to your skin type you may consider a specialist. You can click here to find the best dermatologist for yourself.

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Common myths 

There are a lot of myths about skin care that many people believe. These are:

1. Myth: You Should Always Use Sunscreen When Doing Skin Care

This is not always the best idea. While sunscreen can help to protect your skin from the sun, it can also cause skin irritation and damage. 

2. Myth: You Should Never Use harsh Chemicals on Your Skin

This is not always the case. For example, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are very effective at removing dead skin cells and promoting the healthy growth of new cells.

What are some things that may be causing your skin to age prematurely?

Sun's UV rays damage the skin's surface, which can lead to wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging.

Smoking, toxins in the environment, and high levels of stress. It is important to keep track of all the factors that may be causing your skin to age prematurely. 

If you're like many people, you've probably held onto some myths about skincare that could seriously ruin your routine. Therefore believe in what your skin actually likes.