Need For Workforce Management System

Workforce management (WFM) comprises all the responsibilities for maintaining details of a productive labor force which is the most valuable asset of any organization. It is organizing an accountability framework that ensures that a department's strategic priorities and objectives are administered in an efficient and cost effective way. The best workforce management system software helps to maintain the data of the labor force.

The basic functions of a workforce software system are as follows:

  • Staffing Calculations

Workforce management is important to ensure that an organization has sufficient and qualified human capital to accomplish its mission. It is crucial to have the right quantity of people in the right places equipped with the right skills. Workforce management may be integral to persuade, employ and retain the talent needed to serve the clients.

  • Staff Scheduling

Staff requirements along with non-productive time estimates including breaks, training, meetings, etc. are used to determine a schedule requirement for each half-hour or quarter-hour period. These schedules are then assigned to staff based shift bid rules and employee preferences.

  • Day-To-Day Performance Tracking

Perhaps the most critical component of an online workforce management system is the intra-day comparison of actual performance against the plan. Workforce management system addresses areas of employee management system, employee attendance, help desk and employee appraisal of an organization.