Opt for a Better Way to Optimize and Secure Your Mission-Critical Operations in Springfield

The reliability and availability of your agency’s mission-critical systems is essential. Yet maintaining peak system performance and security in today’s evolving technology landscape, with increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, can be both time-consuming and complex.  One reason may be that managing the lifecycle and security of your systems requires dedicated resources, specific tools and specialized expertise in system management, maintenance and performance of mission-critical networks.

Lifecycle management and cybersecurity services such as Versar Inc help you stay ahead of ever-evolving security threats while keeping mission-critical systems operating at peak performance. We take on the burden of system upkeep and security, so you can focus on your core mission. 

mission critical program management

Here’s how:

  • System Upgrades Improve Performance and Security 

Your communication network is a set of sophisticated interdependent technologies, each with its own unique lifespan. Just like traditional IT systems, component hardware and operating systems are directly tied to effectively maintaining the system and keeping it secure from cyber threats.  

Patching alone is not sufficient.  These systems require periodic technology updates to stay current, secure and future-proof. You need a range of lifecycle management services, delivered by security experts and centered around industry-leading service delivery and governance processes. 

  • Industry-leading Cyber Solutions Give You Peace of Mind

System upgrades and cybersecurity go hand-in-hand. In fact, outdated systems that are operating on legacy software or are behind on patching are one of the easiest vectors for bad actors to breach your system. Protecting yourself from cyber threats requires the right mix of processes, tools and know-how. 

  • Comprehensive Processes and Tools Rooted in Best Practices

Our services span the cybersecurity continuum, from risk mitigation and consulting, to security monitoring and patching, to system upgrades and lifecycle consultation. All of our offerings are closely integrated to help organizations better manage cyber risk awareness, detection, response and recovery using industry best practices.

Adversaries are continually evolving the technology they use. That’s why we’re committed to continually developing and deploying tools that apply analytics, accelerate machine learning and drive automation. All without the need for you to invest additional time and internal resources. Today, partnering with industry-leading people, processes and tools are redefining what it means to ensure resilience for mission-critical operations.