Sewer Line Repair: Signs Your Pipes Are Failing

The roots of trees can invade pipes, gunk that has been accumulated can block pipes, and old pipes made of clay or steel could just break down completely. It is good to detect the early signs of failing plumbing systems so that it becomes possible to avoid future problems.

1. Showers, tubs, and older pipes: A slow-draining pipe is usually the first sign of a bigger plumbing issue. To ensure your pipes are protected contact an experienced plumber if you notice an unreliable draining pipe. A plumber will provide an expert opinion on the best approach to maintaining the sewer system in your home. You can also contact Gas & Sewer Line Repair in Cypress via Cooper Plumbing online.

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2. Strange sounds and odd smells. Strange scents, strong smells, and strange sounds could be indications of a sewer issue. Repairs to your sewer line may be required if the toilet is making odd sounds or noises, or if an untreated sinkhole is discovered in your backyard.

3. Water damage to the foundation. Sewer line damage can lead to additional water seeping through the foundation of your house. If you notice cracks around your foundation or see moisture in your basement's walls, Contact a plumber to confirm that the moisture isn't caused by a sewer or plumbing line issue.

4. Staining around drains in basements. The water ring stains that surround basement drains are another sign to the line that requires the attention of a skilled plumber.