Stainless Steel Fasteners

There are various stainless steel fasteners such as stainless steel bolts(stainless steel U Bolt Fasteners )and nuts that offer a variety of levels of resilience and corrosion force. They are used for industrial environments and corrosive seawater, equipment, structural and application architecture. These products can be used for all stainless steel designs and to join other metals such as copper, aluminium, carbon steel, and zinc.

Specific binding class specifications must be based on the necessary corrosion resistance, strength and material to be tied. Binders must have corrosion resistance that is equal to or higher than the most corrosion resistance to the metal-bound.

Stainless Steel U Bolt | SS 316 Square and Long U Bolts Manufacturer

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Manufacturing method:

Stainless steel fasteners (stainless steel bolts) can be produced by cold machining or heading. Machinery is the oldest binder production method and is still determined for very large diameter and small production.

Cold post is a more general production method. It converts the wire into the desired form by applying enough pressure to cause the metal to divert plastic into the die cavity and blow without heating the material. Greater production travel from galvanized bolts, screws, nails and rivets made with cold titles, but special runs can also be made with this method. Cold post can significantly increase the strength of the 300-series type of stainless steel fasteners (stainless steel bolt).

Type of bolts and Nuts

Bolt: hex bolt, flange bolt, carriage bolt, high tensile bolt, carriage bolt,
Nuts: cold beans forged, swivel nuts, nut weld, bean flange, castle nuts, dome beans
Astm standard

Use different stainless steel grades ​​with different hardness levels for the bolt and nut
Make sure the items will be as smooth as possible