The Slendertone Abs-Bedroid – A Review of Its Pros and Cons

Achieve your personal fitness and body goals with the Slendertone Flex-A-Bedroid, an innovative, program-driven abs toning belt which has a dynamic toning effect on your core muscles while simultaneously tracking your progress with a mobile application. Highly flexible and very discreet, the adjustable belt is perfectly sized to cater to everyone, and is very comfortable to wear even when you are working out outdoors. Whether you are just starting out with your abs training program or have been doing the same routine for some time, this innovative product can help you refine your abs muscles, while providing you with a slim, toned midsection.

Ab-belts work by contracting and then relaxing the pectoral muscles of the upper arms and the sides of your torso. As such, they provide not only cardiovascular benefits by increasing your heart rate and helping to burn excess fat, but they also stimulate the muscles responsible for your overall body strength, allowing you to do more reps and thereby grow stronger in ways you never thought were possible. This is because muscle cells respond to stimulus, regardless of whether it is external or internal, by growing larger and firmer to accommodate the new stimuli. Ab-belts therefore not only tone and firm your abs, but also improve posture and balance, as well as helping to create a stronger core. In addition to its ability to stimulate muscle growth, the Slendertone Flex-A-Bedroid is also designed to reduce any form of muscle fatigue.

These unique abs toning belts are made from the revolutionary Flex-A-Bedroid. The innovative material allows for the elastic band on the product to be incredibly stretchable, which also allows for the elasticity of the inner core pads to be incredibly firm. This allows for not only greater flexibility but also greater effectiveness of the Flex-A-Bedroid in terms of toning your ab muscles and core during your core workouts.

The Slendertone Abs-Tunner is an absolute must-have for any serious gym enthusiast or bodybuilder. The Slendertone Abs-Bedroid is a great way to achieve super tight abs without the bulk or the flab. The flexible core pads ensure that you get a truly comfortable fit and that you are supported from all angles while you perform your exercises. This makes the Slendertone Abs-Bedroid a unique and revolutionary product which offers people who wish to tone their abs with a full body exercise system which offers both versatility and effectiveness at the same time. This is in stark contrast to many other abs toning belts which simply focus on one aspect, such as tightness or flab.

Many people do crunches because they are good for their back. Crunches are also the most widely used exercise for toning the abs and it is no wonder that the Slendertone Abs-Bedroid targets these core muscles so strongly. By using the Slendertone Abs-Bedroid, you are able to perform your crunches in a totally different manner which will tone your ab muscles so much better than traditional crunches.

The Flex-A-Bedroid offers two modes:" Arcade" and "Freeform". In the Arcade mode, this toning belt offers its users three different workouts to choose from. These workouts incorporate the classic crunch, pelvic tilt, and Swiss ball workouts. You can mix and match the workouts to get the perfect abs toning belt for you.

In the Freeform mode, you can perform two workouts that help to tone your core muscles ten times more than the standard abdominal workout routines. To perform these workouts, you need to position yourself on the bed and then lie down with your knees bent and your back straight. Start by pulling your lower stomach in toward your spine while at the same time lifting your upper body off the bed. When this position is reached, you must then tilt your pelvis into the direction of your upper back. This will help you tighten up your abs. You can repeat this ten times and you will tone your abs ten times more than the normal abdominal workouts.

The manufacturer recommends that this workout machine is used for professionals only as there are compatibility issues with the actual Slendertone Abs-Bedroid. The manufacturer warns that if you are pregnant or have a heart condition, you should not use the product and that you also need to consult a physician before exercising with this workout equipment. For people who have a good level of fitness, they say that this can provide the toning benefits that you need to get rid of stomach fat.