Top 3 Plumbing Problems you Shouldnt Solve Yourself

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Any mistreatment of a basic plumbing issue might lead to a major problem. Thus, you shouldn’t prefer DIY when the concern is about the most crucial part of your home. From frozen valves to faulty toilets and a lot more, there are some issues you shouldn’t even think of repairing yourself. Although you can try your hands on some problems if you have the basic plumbing knowledge, you should always call for experts if you face any of these.

  • Frozen Pipes: Low temperatures during the winter season tend to freeze and clog pipes. This leads to hundreds of dollars spent on plumbing repairs every year. While you might find tips and trips to solve this problem yourself, a wrong step can lead to a burst. Thus, always call a professional in case of a leakage or freezing problem to avoid serious troubles.
  • Water Line Damage: A recent pipe breakage could cause mayhem to the whole water line. Trying to fic it yourself will likely cause resource and time wastage. Moreover, letting a professional do the job will also save costlier damages and stress down the line.
  • New Water Heater: Mounting a water heater is another job you should leave to professionals only. First, the 240V power involvement could be lethal for non-professionals. Second, any erroneous mount will cause gas leakage that could cause other severe problems.

While these are the top 3 plumbing problems you shouldn’t try repairing yourself, that’s not all. You should always call a plumber from Coffs Harbour for other issues like remodeling and low water pressure as well.