Top Tips For Taking Your New Mazda CX5 In The Snow

The new Mazda CX5 is a fantastic city car, but if you really want to explore its potential, consider a weekend winter adventure. If you want true mountain conditions, you will most likely go to snow-covered fields, but before you go, consider these top tips for getting your CX5 in the snow.

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Before attempting to drive in potentially difficult conditions, it is recommended that you make a quick check of your vehicle. Check that all the liquid levels are in their best condition and that you have added antifreeze to the coolant and windshield wipers. You need to check that all your lights are working and the tires have sufficient tread. 

Refueling with alpine diesel:

When approaching the mountains it is a good idea to load your CX5 diesel with alpine diesel. This fuel is designed for lower temperatures and prevents the build-up of wax that can clog your filter.

Take it slowly and steadily:

As with all challenging conditions, it is important to ride slowly and steadily. Take time to rest, where you can stretch your legs and clear your head for increased concentration. Water and ice make the road conditions very slippery, even when you are driving with all-wheel drive. Many mountain access roads are narrow, but to maintain traction you need to avoid sudden trips such as stopping or driving, especially when other vehicles are approaching.