Types of Trading Platforms In Thailand

A trading platform is a computer software application that allows traders to execute transactions in securities. Platforms range from simple Web-based platforms to more sophisticated and feature-rich desktop applications.

Platforms can be public or private and can offer a wide variety of functions, including order entry, market data streaming, real-time market analysis, order management, and automatic trading.

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Platforms are widely used by institutional investors, such as hedge funds and private equity firms, as well as individual investors. They provide an efficient way to trade large volumes of stocks and other securities.

The most popular platforms are those offered by the exchanges that list the stocks and bonds of publicly traded companies. There are also numerous proprietary trading platforms, which are designed for individual investors. A broker is simply a licensed person through whom you can buy and sell stocks. When you use an online platform, it essentially acts as an online broker.

Some of the key features that make platforms appealing include their speed and ease of use. Platforms typically allow traders to enter orders quickly and have them filled immediately. They also provide detailed information about the markets in which traders are interested, making it easy to make informed decisions about which stocks to buy or sell. 

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