Use Natural Lighting in Your Home

Natural lighting, also known as "daylighting" is an old concept that has been used in the field of illumination. It utilizes solar energy to illuminate an area and then uses an element that disperses light to spread light throughout a space. It is a sustainable way of living since it reduces the need for electricity, so the use of energy-related fuels is drastically diminished.

If you're interested in having natural light inside your house, then here's a few ways to accomplish this:

Natural Lighting

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1. Skylights: These are window-like structures that are installed in the ceiling. The materials used could be plastic or glass. They are also available in various sizes and shapes. Skylights are the same as a window; only the difference is in their location.

To ensure an evenly distributed light throughout the room, the opening is located on the ceiling, and it is a Lambertian diffuser is employed. The angle and orientation of the skylight determine the brightness that comes through.

2. Solar tubes also operate as skylights. But the design differs. In terms of the name, it's an elongated tube through which light is transmitted. The tube is constructed of metal and, in the end, there is an optical lens responsible for the diffusion of light. The scattering of light is controlled and focuses on a certain area.