What are the responsibilities of the Scrum Product Owner?

The Scrum Method of agile software development has three core roles. They are the Product Owner and ScrumMaster. The Product Owner is the most difficult of all three Scrum roles. I will start by describing it.

The SAFe Product Owner/ Product Manager, who is responsible for the project's success within the Scrum team is the only individual. The Scrum Product Owner communicates the vision to the software developers, sets out the work that must be done, and prioritizes them based on their business value.

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He or she must work closely with stakeholders to ensure that their interests are represented in the product. This is also necessary for the software development team to ensure that the product is delivered on time and within budget. The Scrum Product Owner must also be available to answer questions and provide guidance to the development team.

This mix of authority and team availability makes it hard for Product Owners to resist the temptation of micro-managing. Scrum software development is agile software development. 

This means that the Product Owner must respect the ability of the team to work according to its plan. A Product Owner can't add work in the middle of a sprint. The Product Owner cannot change requirements or let a chief competitor take a product to market that makes plans obsolete.

The Product Owner is also responsible for determining which activities will bring the greatest business value. This requires making difficult, sometimes unpopular decisions at the sprint planning meeting. 

The Product Owner, who is responsible for ensuring that the project succeeds, must also be aggressive in identifying the most critical aspects of the product before it is built. The Product Owner has the responsibility of delivering the work to the Product Manager.