When You Should Change Your Forklift Tyres

Tyres that are worn out cause more stress to the forklift than normal. This is because they are smaller or have spots that cause extra bumping during driving.

You can avoid permanent and long-term damage to your forklift by making sure that your tyres are in top condition. Also, don’t leave your old tyres unattended.

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It can be difficult to determine when your tyres are due for replacement, as heavy-duty forklifts wear over time. There are several things you can do to determine when the tyres need to be replaced. These guidelines will help you maintain your forklift tyres.

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General Wear

It’s time to replace your tyres if the tread is wearing down. The tyre’s middle will look almost bare, with some tread visible at the edges. The tyre may also be smaller than it should. This can increase the risk of workplace accidents.

Cracked Tyres

As tyres age, they may crack and become less brittle. Cracking can also be caused by driving over dirt and other debris. A fine crack is not something to ignore. It is an indication that your tyre needs to be replaced.

Other visible signs

Signs of damage such as chunks of rubber falling off, tears or flat spots are all signs that you need new tyres. These signs should be a sign that the tyres need to be replaced as soon possible.

Your forklift will run smoothly for long periods of time if you keep it in good condition and take care to maintain it. You can also avoid workplace accidents by checking for damage regularly.