Why Did Geissele Release The REBCG?

The introduction of the Geissele REBCG Carrier Group has been met with a lot of excitement. The REBCG is an evolved, highly-reinforced, and more durable design that features a proprietary internal mechanism that increases performance at the expense of a slight increase in weight.

Geissele has released the REBCG, a new design that is said to improve reliability and performance. The company says that the REBCG was created in response to customer feedback, and is made from superior materials and construction methods. You can easily buy Geissele Reliability Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group (REBCG) from an online store.

The REBCG is available in both standard and long-action configurations and is designed to fit both bolt-action rifles and AR-15 platforms. It features a hardened steel insert in the chamber that helps prevent wear and tear on the firing pin, as well as a self-lubricating design that is said to improve reliability. The REBCG also allows for easier disassembly and maintenance, which Geissele says should help extend the life of the firearm.

The REBCG is a new trigger that Geissele is releasing to the market. This trigger has been designed as an upgrade for AR-15s and other firearms platforms, with improved performance over older triggers in both single-shot and automatic fire. The REBCG offers users better control over their shots, thanks to its lighter weight and shorter reset time. There are also some customizations available for those who want more customization options when it comes to their trigger pulls.