Why Has Renting Apartments Become So Popular in Luxembourg ?

A short-term lease is a rental contract that generally lasts less than six months, where a typical apartment lease will usually be a year. Such leases can be week-to-week, month-to-month or you can commit to a specified time period, depending on what you can negotiate with the landlord.

Another major reason for someone to rent an apartment instead of buying it is because renting lowers some of the maintenance costs. Maintenance is not an easy task and depends directly on the size and condition of the apartment.

Usually, the tenant does not have to pay maintenance fees and the owner has to pay for any necessary repairs to the apartment. You can consider the short term flat in Luxembourg if you want to rent a home for your family.

Renting an apartment is also a popular trend for those who work from home in another city for a long time. Since transportation can be expensive and long journeys tiring, it allows one to work and stay fresh all day. That said, if someone works for 3 months in a city 500 miles from home, they can rent a place for that period without worrying about long trips or expensive hotel fees. 

Renting a beautiful apartment is also in great demand by students, because they can share the house with several friends or colleagues and the rent can be divided proportionally. In most cases, this can be very economical and inexpensive for students. Many students don't have much money, so renting an apartment can cut the cost of living without compromising the quality of life.

In general, many people rent apartments instead of buying them, as this often provides buyers with greater financial security in the first place. Although young people are often rented out, some businesses also start renting apartments when they are on a long business trip while they are away from home.